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It's Time | new digital scrapbooking goodies

Friday, January 5, 2018
The start of a new year often brings resolutions and promises of change. Things like working out more, eating better, or reading a book every week. And I've made my share of these kinds of resolutions over many a new year beginning. 

However, this year my approach is different. This year I want to ACCEPT and not CHANGE things. I'm exhausted with always feeling like I'm not good enough. Who am I always trying to impress? The people in my life who love me don't notice the things that I'm so self critical about. So why do I spend so much time in my head keeping score against myself?

I've been thinking a lot about these things during this Christmas holiday and so when it was time to sit down and create new stuffs for January's Special Edition I went with the theme of "acceptance". I hope you can find these supplies useful for scrapping about your own journeys.

For the new release weekend (Friday through Sunday) you can find the papers and elements listed separately - for only $2 each! 


Scrapbook design inspired by gift wrapping

Thursday, December 21, 2017
Sometimes having a limited color palette, coupled with a clear piece of design inspiration, can be a great way to easily and quickly design a page (as well as have a lot of fun doing it!). This was the case for me recently when I made this page for Get It Scrapped:

Drawing from this gift wrap photo, I focused on the following things:

  • a black/white/kraft color scheme
  • black and white baker's twine
  • a pop of greenery
  • a pop of red

And that's it! I found that having such a limited color palette really helped me stay focused because there were so many things NOT to consider for my page. Ha! It was like that experiment where people with less ice cream options were happier than people with more. Or something like that. *wink*

Between a limited color palette and gift-wrapping inspo, I hope you find something to inspire your next page.

SUPPLIES: papers: black & kraft from Days of December kit, doodled background from Trick or Treat patterns; embellishments: Days of December kit; alphas: All Boy, Looking Sharp, Itty Bitty; journal strips: Line by Line template – all from Dawn by Design at The Digital Press; card and branch from Grace collab the The Digital Press designers

Remember This Forever

Sunday, December 17, 2017
This page's design is really simple, but the process was anything but. Do you often have pages like that? I sat down to the computer just wanting some time to create and enjoy the process but I ended up more frustrated than relaxed, ha!

I knew I wanted the photo to be the focus of the page. I wasn't willing to crop it at all or busy the page with pretty patterns and perhaps that is where I ran into trouble. I was going against my natural tendencies for page design. However, in the end, I usually find that working through the frustration ends up with a page that I love and this time was no exception. (The pages that ARE exceptions are the ones that end up in a digital graveyard, never to be looked at again...)

Some design things I did intentionally are:

  • I edited the photo in a more dramatic way than I normally would. I did this by copying my final photo edit onto a new layer, setting that new layer's blend mode to "soft light", and then adjusting the opacity to taste.
  • I increased the size of the photo to almost fill the entire width of the paper.
  • I paired the photo with a plain white paper so that the beautiful colors of the hammock wouldn't be competing with anything.
  • I balanced the busyness of the photo with an equal amount of busy journaling.

P.S. If the supplies list seems a bit random, it's because I tried so many different approaches and that took me from kit to kit to kit, LOL. These are the things that made the final cut.