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Halloween Publisher's Picks | 50% off

Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Hi, everyone! I hope you enjoyed the mini tips I gave yesterday on stamping with custom brushes. If you'd ever like a fuller tutorial on that, let me know! Today what I have for you is two Halloween kits on sale as part of TDP's weekly Publisher's Picks promotion where we put past items on discount for a few days.

The Spooky & Sweet and Trick or Treat kits will be 50% off today through Thursday. Enjoy!

Remember | a layout

Sunday, October 13, 2019
I thought this would be a page about how sweet kids look when they're sleeping, but my motherly insecurities came out in the journaling instead, LOL. I have a wide range of ages among my kids. My oldest is graduating high school this year and my youngest is in first grade. The mixture of these ages has me feeling quite emotional.

Have I done my best? Did I do right by my oldest kids? Am I doing right by my youngest? How has my going back to work affected everyone? How would it affect me if I tried to do a better job at parenting? Would I get burned out? Resentful? Et cetera...

This sleepy time photo reminded me of how hard things used to be when I was trying to get the kids to TAKE A NAP ALREADY but looking back now I see how simple that goal is in concept, if not in execution. The things I worry about now, for my older children, are deeper in nature, still complicated in execution. But, let's talk about the scrapbooking now...

I wanted to do some painting and I included the yellow misty paint in the collection because that desire has been with me for a little while. I used the other paints differently than how they're included in the collection, though. If you ever want to change paints or doodles I recommend the following process:

  1. open the PNG and change the original color to black (000000) by either clipping a black color layer to it OR locking the pixels and painting it black
  2. create a Photoshop brush from the new PNG file
  3. rotate the angle of the brush: brush presets > shape dynamics > angle jitter > 25%
  4. sample your color and stamp away

I also made a brush from a few stars in the white and navy star paper. And, as always, I included my own handwriting by using this method. I hope this inspires you to do some painting and make some of your own brushes to play around with! Thanks for reading.


Dreamcatcher | new releases 50% off

Friday, October 11, 2019
Happy Friday! My children and students have early release today and then no school on Monday. I, however, do not. *wink* And while I would never turn down a three-day weekend, it will be nice to have time dedicated to planning and working while there are not students around on Monday.

BUT, that's not what I've popped in to talk with you about. Instead, I'm here to announce the new Dreamcatcher collection. (That link is currently hidden, but active, and will be visible to everyone after the original sale weekend.)

This collection is part of TDP's Special Edition promotion for October. I cut out several of the colors and went this grey and yellow palette instead. I am very pleased with how the collection came out, especially the papers!

Each piece is on sale for 50% off today through Sunday - INCLUDING THE COLLECTION! There's no better deal than that!

If you'd rather purchase pieces separately, here are the individual (and NOT hidden) links:

And here is a lovely page from TDP CT member Tiffany using the collection:

40% off everything + game

Sunday, October 6, 2019
Hey, everyone! Just popping in with a quick note to say that...

  1. My entire shop is 40% off right now for DSD weekend
  2. I am hosting a game in the TDP forums and players are entered into a chance to win a $5 coupon to my shop
That's it! Have a great rest of your weekend. 

Strawberry Shortcake | Publisher's Picks

Tuesday, September 17, 2019
Hey, there! Hope your week has gotten off to a good start. Today at work it's Meet the Teacher night so I will be there aaalllll ddaaayyyy lllloooonnnggg, LOL. BUT! They feed us Chick-fil-A for dinner and Chick-fil-A sauce covers a multitude of sins, so, there's that. In scrapbooking news, I'm just popping in to share my Publisher's Pick with you for this week: the Strawberry Shortcake kit.

You can grab the kit (the best deal) or the papers and elements separately. They are all 50% off today through Tuesday

Here is a fresh new page from my CT member Elaine using the kit. If you've been familiar with Elaine's pages over the years you'll see here just how big her kids are getting!

Happy shopping, happy scrapping!

Girly Mini Kit | Publisher's Picks

Tuesday, September 3, 2019
Raise your hand if you remember the Girly collab I did with Just Jaimee a few years ago. I'll wait. *wink* I found it in my files recently and remembered how much I love the colors and patterns I created. I'm releasing my portion of the collab today into TDP's Publisher's Picks sale.

You can grab this pretty darling for 50% off Tuesday through Thursday of this week.

Here is a fresh new page made by DBD CT member Elaine:



Saturday, August 31, 2019
Come get it!

And here is the master link list to errything:

Happy shopping!