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Friday, January 18, 2019

I have exactly 2.78 seconds to drop this post to you today. So, here we go:


(How did I do?)

Two bundles for half price | Publisher's Picks

Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Hey ya! Well, I'm back to work this week after enjoying a fabulously restful winter break. I enjoy returning to work after the break because I feel like I missed my students and am happy to see them again.

I teach mostly seniors and the spring semester can be an odd one emotionally because they frustrate me with their senioritis but also get me feeling all sappy because I know I probably won't see them again once they graduate. Le sigh.

On to the announcements...

I have two bundles of old products to share with you today, each are on sale for half-off the bundle price, Tuesday through Thursday:

The individual packs for the All Laid Out Bundle and Right Now Bundle are also listed in shop, but you are getting a fabulous savings this week by purchasing the bundles while they are on sale. I hope you enjoy the sale and scrapping with these pieces. 

Enough collection + Followers-Only $5 bundle pricing

Friday, January 4, 2019
Hello, hello, hello! I have some new items in the shop for you today and they all coordinate with TDP's January 2019 Special Edition products.

The theme for this collection was inspired by my recent adoption of an Intuitive Eating lifestyle. I first decided to stop dieting and start IE (Intuitive Eating) last summer and the last six months have shown me that I can heal my relationship with food and work on improving my body image.

These holidays we just finished were NOT a source of stress for me in the food department. I ate and drank what I wanted, when I wanted, and in quantities that made me satisfied and happy. And my clothes still fit. *wink*

If, in a few weeks, your New Year's resolutions surrounding diet and weight leave you feeling more dreadful than excited, then please consider reading the book and other online articles. And don't hesitate to email me with questions, too.

Okay, end side talk. This collection is on sale for 50% off Friday through Sunday. The papers, elements, cards, and alphas are all listed separately. However! I also have a hidden bundle with a Followers-Only special pricing of $5. That is 69% off the cost of separates! This special bundle price will only be available through Sunday.


Here is a lovely page from TDP CT member Carrie: